New happy hour menu!
With a little bit of change comes a little bit of fun! And therefore with this new happy hour specials[...]
The Nest Bar is now open!
You can now come visit us at our new location right next to Colibri!       4396 New Broad[...]
New website!
Welcome to our new website! Hope you like it!


Our journey started in 2009, when we decided to open a new restaurant in Orlando after having spent most of our career in St. Augustine. We found a place where people could enjoy our delicious food and drinks while being in harmony... Baldwin Park. After having established a name for ourselves in such a peaceful location, we decided to challenge ourselves and expand our name by opening our second Colibri, this time in Downtown Orlando.

Supervising the quality of your tacos up to the strength of your margaritas, Ricky has been Colibri's head manager for several years now. Expert in the every day running of the business, you can for sure expect good results when he's around!

As a family restaurant, our employees are part of it too! And as such, you can expect a wonderful customer service seven days a week, twelve hours a day!

BALDWIN PARK - (407) 629-6601

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